Modern business communications have evolved, and most people in this day and age prefer email, SMS, direct messaging, or video calls over simple phone calls. By upgrading your communications to VoIP, you can use these new features to communicate and engage with your customers and stakeholders in their preferred modes of communication.

Not only does VOIP enable you to do more, it also doesn’t come with the surprise charges and high fees that come with traditional phone lines. Solid Tech will customize your new VoIP systems with productive new features such as Unified Communications, live chat, auto attendant, and many more.

Our VoIP services cover the following:

  • Installing/upgrading your telecommunications for VoIP
  • Shifting your communications to VoIP
  • Setting up your new VoIP business phones and other VoIP features
  • Testing and calibrating your new communication network
  • Training your staff to use the new VoIP and Unified Communications software

Connect and engage with consumers better than ever through Solid Tech’s cost-saving and efficient VoIP services.