Today’s world of business is truly global and demands a global approach to communications. This new reality is why more companies than ever before are turning to Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone systems to stay connected with customers, staff, and suppliers anywhere in the world.

According to a recent data analysis, the benefits of switching to VoIP phones are significant:

  • 90 percent savings on international calls
  • 75 percent savings on operational costs
  • 40 percent savings on local call bills
  • 30 percent savings on overall phone bills.

Not surprisingly, 90 percent of IT leaders project that they will cease purchasing on-premises communication systems altogether by the end of 2021.

Providing fully integrated email, SMS, direct messaging, phone and video calls over simple phone calls, a SolidTech VoIP system upgrades your communications system with new features and new opportunities to engage with your customers and stakeholders wherever they are in using whichever mode of communications they prefer.

VoIP enables your organization to do more and do it more effectively, but it does so without any surprise charges or the high fees that come with traditional phone lines. SolidTech will also customize your new VoIP system with innovative features like Unified Communications, live chat, auto-attendant, and many more.

Our VoIP services cover the following:

  • Installing/upgrading your telecommunications for VoIP
  • Shifting your communications to VoIP
  • Setting up your new VoIP business phones and other VoIP features
  • Testing and calibrating your new communication network
  • Training your staff to use the new VoIP and Unified Communications software.

Connect and engage with your clients in ways you never thought possible until now.

Contact SolidTech today to explore our cost-saving and efficient VoIP services.