About Us

A Canadian based IT company, Solid Technology Solutions (SolidTech) has been servicing the Edmonton area since 2008. Starting from very simple roots, SolidTech began by providing frontline IT support and consulting for small businesses. Today, SolidTech has evolved into a full Managed Service Provider (MSP) for IT, a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and a custom software development company.

With friendly and certified staff, SolidTech is always ready to serve clients whatever the venue, be it on site, through the call center, or through consultations, we’ll be there. With our combination of products, IT management solutions, and cloud-based solutions coupled with our broad experience in dozens of industries, SolidTech is uniquely positioned to serve and support a broad range of clients.

Our business approach is simple – we pride ourselves on building partnerships with our clients. That way, we can provide relevant IT consulting and services as effectively as an in-house technology department while being cost-effective for small and medium-sized organizations. Our team believes in learning as much as possible about your business practices and needs so we can provide you with Solid Technology Solutions.