Grant is the founder of Solid Technology Solutions Inc. and has been working directly in IT for 20 years

Starting his IT career working for a small oilfield service firm Grant was able to build a solid foundation of IT skills, management and business concepts. In 2005 Grant started freelance consulting for small business as a sole proprietor servicing the needs of small construction companies, realtors, financial planners and more. These experiences gave him a broadened understanding into business IT, consulting and business workflow.

In 2008 Solid Technology Solutions Inc. was formed to better address the growing demand for small to medium size business IT needs. Today, through Grant’s leadership and vision, Solid Technology Solutions Inc. is uniquely positioned to implement and maintain Solid IT Solutions to its small and medium sized clients.

When not at work, Grant spends most of his time with his wife Tracy and their 5 children. Much of their family time is spent supporting the various interests and activities of their children; from music, to volleyball, gymnastics and swimming. When time allows, Grant and Tracy both enjoy reading, being outdoors camping, hiking or snowshoeing and, when possible, travelling.

The New Breed Of Cybercriminal


The New Breed Of Cybercriminal
Instant Access To What You Can Do To Protect Your Business From Being Held Hostage, From Lost Profits And From Reputational Damage

Meet The Team

Michael Schnell
Chief Technology Officer

Kathleen Fortier
Operations Manager

Dennis De Jesus
IT Consulting and Account Manager

Megan Hossack
Communications Coordinator

Roger Graham
Technology Alignment Manager

Linda Yaghi
Project Manager / M365 Team Lead

Kyle LaFontaine
Professional Services Supervisor

Garth Costall
IT Support Technician

Garry Ferchau
IT Support Technician

Oluwamayowa Ajao
IT Support Technician

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services and solutions that will enable your business to be more effective, efficient and profitable. We take pride in delivering services that exceed your expectations, are responsive, and are built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

The New Breed Of Cybercriminal


The New Breed Of Cybercriminal