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Why Choose Solid Technology Solutions?

6 Big Reasons Why Businesses in Alberta Outsource Their Computer IT Support To Us:

1. We know Primary Care Networks

In 2009, we started working with our first PCN. Since then, we have partnered with 6 more PCN’s, representing 7 of the 41 PCN’s in Alberta. Through these partnerships, we have learned how the different PCN’s work and how to best support their people and their technology needs.

2. We know the Alberta Health Information Act (HIA) and its requirements

In many ways, the PCN’s are not typical IT clients. The governance and security expectations that are inherent of the Alberta Health Information Act and Privacy laws make it clear that there is more to consider than just infrastructure and user support. To that end, as your Information Managers, we know what is expected of us. We understand the inherent risks around privacy and have implemented best practices and strategies that mitigate risk, while keeping people productive.

3. We partnered and developed PerformPCN

In 2016, we partnered with one PCN to develop performPCN. Initially, perfromPCN was created to manage KPI’s related to Alberta Health Services Schedule B performance indicators. Since then performPCR has been fully implemented as a performance management tool for a number PCN’s and is continuing to gain the attention of other PCN’s around the province.

4. We value professionalism and relationships

From our Client Services team in the call center to our Professional Service’s onsite technicians to our procurement and administration people, we all strive to be professional, prompt and courteous when working with any of our client needs. We understand the importance of building relationships and we work hard to build all relationships based on trust, mutual respect and effective communication.

5. We developed and use our 5QI (5 Step Quality Improvement) process

The 5QI process was developed as a systematized process to better demonstrate quality improvement and value of services. The five steps to the 5QI process are Audit, Review, Strategize, Initiatives and Budgets. Routinely, each of these steps plays an important role in managing complex networks and systematically demonstrates quality improvement metrics and proper business planning.

6. We deliver peace-of-mind IT Services

Probably the single most common feedback we hear from client testimonials. Repeatedly, our client’s emphasis peace-of-mind IT services; a testament to our technicians’ abilities, our responsiveness and our processes.

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See What Other Alberta Business Owners Are Saying About Us...

Exceeded all expectations

We developed a great partnership with Solidtech initially through a development project. Their dedication to customer service and taking the time to understand our vision exceeded all expectations.

Luke Brimmage, MBA
Executive Director, Aspen Primary Care Network

Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit in using Solid Tech is Peace of mind; we know when something goes wrong, there is a dedicated team who will find a solution. SolidTech works hard to know and understand our staff and our organization.

Meghan Hickey,
Office Manager, Edmonton North Primary Care Network

Worry-free professional IT support

SolidTech and team is not only an extremely capable IT support company, but they have a proven track record of being able to blend approachability and professionalism.

Dave Ludwick,
General Manager, Sherwood Park Primary Care Network

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