SolidCare is our proactive IT business strategy that keeps your company productive by implementing methodologies and processes that focus on maximizing productivity. By allowing us to manage your day-to-day IT responsibilities, you protect the IT investment you made into your business. We keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date, secure, and productive.

SolidCare Professional Is our most comprehensive Managed IT Service offering. Designed to leverage our three principle roles (Information Officer, Technology Administrator, and Security Officer) and a clear focus of our resources towards the success of your business IT needs. This package is a clear winner for businesses looking for proactive, hassle-free IT while keeping your needs front of mind. One fixed monthly cost comprises all of your day-to-day business IT requirements give you peace of mind.

SolidCare Professional is much more than a technology solution. At its core, SolidCare Pro is a team of certified professionals, working with you to create, scale and maintain your business IT needs.

Best in Class Tools and Processes

  • Quarterly Business Reviews with Technology Officer
  • Regular engagements with Technology Administrator
  • 5 Step Quality Improvement (5QI) process management
  • Leading Remote Management and Business Continuity tools
  • Advance security services and monitoring tools included
  • Robust Documentation and reporting

Security by Design

In today's world, business and technology are becoming synonymous. More and more we rely on our rapidly changing technological environments to drive innovation, increase productivity, and increase margins. For many, this makes good business sense. But with our increased dependency on technology, cloud infrastructures, and technological innovation, we find ourselves facing new levels of complexity around privacy, governance, and security.

SolidCare Professional keeps security a priority by implementing tools, strategies, and standards engineered to protect your organization from outside intrusion.

Industry-Leading Tools and Practices

  • Multi-level security fabric structure
  • Real Business Continuity strategies
  • Advanced Spam Filtration
  • AI-based heuristics detection for email
  • Routine 5QI auditing
  • Policy enforcement and training
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) Assistance
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) options

Business Continuity Plan

Productivity is everything to a business. The productivity of staff and reliable infrastructure are essential to business efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately profitability. Any Interruptions to your environment or individual workspaces can be very impacting with costly repercussions. In today's high-paced, disaster-prone world, businesses must have a true Business Continuity Disaster Recovery plan.

Business Continuity Solutions

  • SMB to Enterprise scalability
  • Onsite local backup/recovery with onsite virtualization
  • Local backup to the cloud with cloud virtualization
  • Local and Cloud recovery options
  • Cloud Protected Network Storage
  • Cloud to Cloud Backup and recovery
  • Coming soon – Workstation to Cloud with virtualization

Best-in-class Business Continuity Tools

  • Scalable high performance flash storage solutions
  • Instant on-site and off-site virtualization
  • Infinite cloud retention
  • Inverse chain backup technology
  • Ransomware detection
  • End-to-end AES 256 encryption (transit and at rest)
  • ZFS Encryption and ZFS Deduplication