Solid Team

Our Solid Team

Grant Dakin – Grant is the founder of Solid Technology Solutions Inc. and has been working directly in IT for nearly 12 years. Starting his IT career working for a small Oilfield service firm Grant was able to build a solid foundation of IT skills, management and business concepts. In 2005 Grant started freelance consulting for small business as a sole proprietor servicing the needs of small construction companies, realtors, financial planners and more giving him a broadened understanding into business IT, consulting and business workflow. In 2008 Solid Technology Solutions Inc. was formed to better address the growing demand for small to medium size business IT needs. Today, through Grant’s leadership and vision, Solid Technology Solutions Inc. is uniquely positioned to implement and maintain Solid IT Solutions to its small and medium sized clients.

Michael Schnell – Michael comes to SolidTech with over 25 years experience working with PC’s in variety capacities. From his first job at Sherwood Parks first real computer store, Alberta Software, back in 1983, to working in Telus’s Internet technical support department, to freelance consulting for small businesses. More recently, Michael has worked as a full time youth pastor and part time educator in Lac La Biche leveraging his Bachelor of Education and Masters in Divinity. Michael has recently married and settled down in Sherwood Park with his wife Kerry.

Grant Andres – Grant is the newest member to the team. Grant comes to the company with nearly 10 years of IT experience and carries a Windows 2000 MCSE designation inaddition to Comptia’s Network +. Grant has diverse IT experience from IT Management to desktop support to Thin client and server based solutions to his favorite, Mac computers. A Saskatchewan boy, Grant and is family moved to Alberta to take on a management roll in a local company. Grant now brings his expertise to Solidtech and his talent is added to the SolidTech talent pool.

Roger Graham – Roger was also an educator for 6 yrs at Vanguard College with his Bachelor of Theology. Roger recently made a career change and is relative new to corporate IT but is not unfamiliar with computers and networking. Recently Roger passed the CompTia’s industry recognized A+ certification and Microsofts MCTS designation. Roger continues to aggressively pursue additional certifications to give credibility to what he enjoys doing.

Tracy Dakin – A full time mom of 4 children and SolidTech’s part time book keeper. Also an educator, Tracy taught grade three class and is always actively looking for opportunities to continue teaching. Apart from her passion for teaching Tracy’s strength is organization and excellent work ethic. Her organizational skills and attention to details makes her well suited to managing the accounting side of the company.