What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, is a big buzzword these days. It seems everyone is looking to leverage cloud services and it’s perceived benefits. Not only that, we see all of the big vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Amazon and Apple, to name a few, all racing to build and sell you their cloud service models and products. But what is cloud computing?

At its most basic definition, cloud computing can be defined as any Internet based subscription service. At this level the definition can encompass anything from third party hosted email, website hosting, server virtualization, offsite backup, and the list goes on. So again, cloud computing is any offsite hosted service that is provided, or utilized, over an Internet connection.

What is SolidHosting?

At SolidTech, cloud computing is much more than its basic definition. When dealing with business IT solutions, we know from experience that cloud computing can be a very complex web of considerations. It is never as simple as the above definition as there are many factors that need consideration when planning cloud solutions for your business. From infrastructure and access planning, to governance and local regulations, to costs and even just basic business requirements, these are just a few considerations when exploring a cloud business model for your business. This is why we developed SolidHosting.

At its core, SolidHosting is an infrastructure. We designed it with small and medium businesses in mind who want to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, but are uncomfortable with, or have barriers, preventing them from working with the international big vendor cloud providers like those mentioned above.

Our strategy is simple. To provide a highly available and scalable infrastructure for small Businesses looking to host their own custom private cloud services. You can have complete control over your private cloud or you can have SolidTech manage it. The decision is yours. And whatever you decide, know that it all stays here, in Canada.

SolidHosting Service Offerings

  • Hosted Microsoft Servers
  • Hosted CPanel / WHS Servers
  • Hosted Ubuntu Servers
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • SolidBackup
  • Hosted Exchange Server
  • Hosted SharePoint Server
  • Hosted Email and Email Archive
  • Web Hosting

Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing


  • Centralization of core IT services over the Internet
  • Great for mobile and remote offices
  • Compliments most Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business models
  • Lower upfront costs of implementation
  • Fixed recurring monthly costs
  • Customizable and flexible plans
  • Data center grade infrastructure
  • Can significantly reduce IT overhead
  • Highly scalable solutions


  • Dependent on reliable Internet at all sites
  • Less control over infrastructure
  • Can be complex in planning all business requirements
  • Governance and privacy issues must be considered
  • Security needs to be well thought through
  • Data centers are often in other countries
  • Recurring monthly costs
  • Security needs to be well thought through
  • Corporate IT Policy management becomes more complex
A new way to service business IT