What is SolidDevelopment

Simply put, SolidDevelopment is custom software and database development. Our solutions are database driven web apps designed using industry tools like Microsoft .NET and SQL Server.

Internet ready, secure and reliable with your business in focus.

Implementing Systems

If there is one thing we have learned since incorporating SolidTech, it is that businesses are all about processes. Whether we realize it or not, everything we do in business is tied to a process. From what time we arrive or leave the office, to how we track the work we do, to how we invoice for services done, to how we pay our staff, everything is tied to a process.

Sometimes, our process get so complex, or encompass more than we can track individually or even collaboratively.

It is usually at this point that businesses look to implementing a system to manage results and ensure efficiency, productivity and accountability. The more that a business grows, the more we become tied to the processes and systems we implement in our business.

Leveraging Business Acumen

In many cases, the processes or systems that we implement in our businesses, can be the separator between us and our competition. You may have a workflow that is unique to your business and is a driver in how you accomplish your margins or fulfill your obligations. Whatever it may be, business acumen must be safeguarded and leveraged. But sometimes the question becomes how do we best do this?

Why SolidDevelopment?

Leveraging business acumen is exactly why we started SolidDevelopment. We have seen repeatedly, situations where someone has an idea or a business workflow that is core to their business but they have no real good way of managing or enforcing the processes or managing the results. Be it a custom time sheet application, proprietary employee rewards system or a consolidation of proprietary data requiring a reporting engine, SolidDevelopment is our response to helping businesses drive and leverage their business acumen.

We specialize in the big picture for your business