What is SolidCare managed services?

SolidCare is a pro-active IT business strategy that keeps your company productive by implementing methodologies and processes towards maximizing productivity. By allowing us to manage your day-to-day IT responsibilities, you protect the IT investment you made into your business. We keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date, secure, and productive.

Why We Care?

SolidCare is essential for maintaining an IT infrastructure. At its core, SolidCare is about mitigating risks and maximizing productivity. Too many companies lose much needed money reacting to circumstances that often could have been avoided if proper methodologies where implemented. When incorporating a pro-active IT strategy, your company maintains its ability to be up-to-date, secure, and profitable.

The SolidCare Difference.

SolidCare is more than a bundle of technology solutions. At SolidTech we understand that technology is essential to most businesses, but technology by itself, is always limited in its potential without the right people to champion and manage it. That is why, we have developed SolidCare to encompass far more than just the technology beneath it.

First and foremost, SolidCare is about people. Not only do we ensure that our technicians are quality, industry certified professionals but we also strive to develop partnering relationships with our clients. The core of our SolidCare strategy means that you have dedicated, qualified people, working diligently to oversee the success of your IT strategy and ultimately, success in your business.

Secondly, we focus on Process and Efficiency. We achieve efficiency through a systematic approach that revolves around proven processes and employing best practice philosophies. All of this translates into a better working experience for you.

Lastly, SolidCare is about the technology and a bundle proven solutions. At SolidTech, we employ some of the industry’s best technology support tools as our own tools. Coupled with our systematic processes and our skilled technicians SolidCare can be as all-encompassing as your business needs.

The Smart, Cost-Effective Way to Run IT